Oleksandr & Svitlana Kovalov

Anastasia, Pavel

Even before they met in 2002, Alexander and Svitlana were both actively involved in youth ministry. In their local church in Mariupol, Ukraine, through mentoring, preaching, and various projects, they inspired young people to grow in Christ and actively serve him. Outside the church, they organized a large-scale evangelism ministry, using sports, and, over the 11 years of its existence in Mariupol, were able to share the gospel with thousands of young people. In 2022, the war in Ukraine changed everything, and, by the will of God, Oleksandr and Svitlana found themselves in the Czech Republic near Ostrava in March 2022. They immediately began to minister to their fellow countrymen, helping with the needs of the people and preaching the Gospel to them. In 2023, Oleksandr, inspired by JV's vision, became a missionary to serve Ukrainians in the Czech Republic more effectively. Today, Oleksandr and Svitlana are actively involved in planting churches in the region and serving Ukrainians in the diaspora that has resulted from the war in Ukraine. They live in Frydek-Mistek with their two children, Anastasiia and Pavel.

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