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A Better Story For many young people in Central and Eastern Europe, September marks a return to the classroom… As a history student studying at Durham University (England), I will also return to the classroom, hefty textbooks and large-amounts of coffee in tow! I am excited for many of the things that this next academic year... Read more



Family On Mission Dear Friends,Have you ever met a third culture kid?They are special and unique. If you live in the country you were born in, you are a first culture person. If God calls you... Read more The Value of Mission Teams How did you spend your childhood summers? I remember disrupting English classes and struggling through Hike Day in a two-sizes-too-big camp shirt. I can recall heated games... Read more Fathers Dear Friends, Every boy needs a Father. For most teenage boys, church is not particularly exciting. Sitting and listening quietly is not on the top of their list of... Read more Trusting the Lord with My Summer Have you ever had to trust God with a seemingly wild decision? Back in December, my friend Hannah Hartman told me about the Communications Team (C-Team) internship she did... Read more Counteroffensive Dear Friends, Often the best defense is a good offense. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine impacts our JV team on a daily basis. Many young people we have trained as youth... Read more The Finish Line is the Starting Line It was June of 2013 and my exhausted intern team dug deep to find the last of our energy to cross the finish line in Krakow’s Old Town. We had begun The Amazing Race in... Read more The Ripple Dear Friends, Sometimes the ripple goes further than you imagine. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. My wife and I had recently moved to the Czech Republic... Read more God Creating Beauty in His Time When my parents visited me in Slovenia, my Dad was surprised by how architecturally impressive and historic the capital city of Ljubljana is, and that it ranks as a tourist... Read more Fusiondary Dear Friends, What did you care about when you were a teenager? I’m sure that you were interested in relationships. You were probably trying to figure out who you were... Read more