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A Day With David - A Young Josiah in Slovakia We work in Central and Eastern Europe, where the vast majority of young people don't know Jesus. Yet across the region, there are the few, the bold, the faith-filled and God-honoring who are different. They are statistic-changers, like King Josiah in the Bible, taking a stand to pursue Christ in their countries... Read more



Our Prayer for the Interns Almighty and Loving God, Thank you so much for providing 109 interns to work with Josiah Venture this summer. We know that the fields are ripe for the harvest and that... Read more An Amazing Race Dear Friends, It really is an amazing race. This summer, when our 109 JV summer interns gather for training the first week of June, we don’t make it... Read more The Beauty of Exit Tour Drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll. People have been preaching against this debaucherous trio for decades, but the members of Josiah Venture saw it as inspiration. Would it be... Read more Fingerprints and Footsteps - JV's Israel Trip I found myself stumbling along in a dark tunnel with 20 other willing JV participants. Wading through ankle-deep water, with only our cell phone flashlights beaming in the... Read more Family On Mission The Josiah Venture team was small enough to sit in a circle in my living room when I first shared a vision that was close to my heart. God had called us to believe him... Read more Komensky 2020 - Bringing Biblical Values to Schools “I was teaching for one year at a private school. I was with kids and felt it had a meaning. It wasn’t very well paid, but the job was something that helped me to see... Read more Changing History Dear Friends, This brief command changed the course of history. I’m sure you know it—perhaps by heart. Yesterday, I quoted it with 50 members of our JV team... Read more Our Why Take it from someone who conducts a lot of interviews: asking the right questions is important. Some of the most significant questions we can ask in life start with the... Read more Learning Young Dear Friends, It’s not just what you learn, but when you learn it. When I was 16, a youth pastor named Doug taught me... Read more