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The Fighter, the Learner, and the Young Sage I remember the day I met Alex and Lina. It was the first day of English lessons at camp in 2018, and I was teaching the advanced level. After introductions and, since we were... Read more A Summer Like No Other Dear Friends, “Houston, we have a problem.” Remember those famous words from Apollo 13? As the crew was hurtling through space toward a landing on the moon, a routine... Read more Are You Ready? It is one of those rainy spring days here in Rīga, Latvia, where it is the perfect balance of warm and cool. As I sit in this little cafe, sipping on a coffee and talking... Read more Why is leaving JV so hard? As I zip up my suitcase, I give my room one last look. It’s all here - my time in Czech as a JVK (Josiah Venture Kid) missionary for these past nine years. I see my white... Read more Social Un-Distancing Dear Friends, What do you do when the distance decreases? A common theme of the current pandemic is the need to create space. Greater distance decreases the chances... Read more Be Still On March 12, in our annual JV Training Team meeting, I started a session with an oddball icebreaker question, ‘If you were quarantined for two weeks what would you do?’... Read more Always Ready Dear Friends, When the opportunity comes, it is too late to get ready. This was not the first time Maia Stoitseva had received a phone call from the media. The primary focus... Read more On Mission in Crisis Dear Friends, How do you stay on mission in the midst of a crisis? Many of you gave to your Josiah Venture missionary or ministry this month, and we are very grateful... Read more From a Missionary’s Window It’s interesting being inside, at home, as spring begins to unfold outside the windows. Small buds are beginning to form on the ends of some branches, and a few trees have... Read more