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Recharge Dear Friends, What happens to energy and vision in the face of constant change? We all know that shepherding people in challenging times takes extra strength. Somewhere, that energy needs to be replenished. Youth leaders in Europe have been caring for young people during a pandemic that has lasted much longer... Read more



The History of Light “Let there be light.” These four words rolled across the expanse that would burst into a universe of brilliant light and begin all space and time. It is impossible... Read more Strong Families Dear Friends, What keeps a missionary fruitful and faithful for the long haul? Obviously, a deep walk with God and personal integrity are at the top of... Read more Beyond Hope What do you do when you lose the thing you've been putting your hope in? For so many of us, the events of this past year and a half have forced us to answer that question... Read more Power of the Gospel Dear Friends, The roots of Josiah Venture go back further than you think. In 1945, a sailor wandering through the streets of Chicago saw a hand painted sign that said... Read more Creativity Unleashed - Media Academy While we were all watching intently as animator Kevin Jackson was explaining his essential creative thought process for working on the movie Spiderman into the Spiderverse... Read more Full Circle Dear Friends, Some invitations are particularly meaningful. Last month, Landen was asked to preach a Sunday morning sermon at the Second Baptist church in Cheb, a town west... Read more The Power of Story “What podcasts do you listen to?” has become a regular question in my life. Nowadays, you can find a podcast on just about anything from self help to comedy, true crime... Read more Into the Gap Dear Friends, COVID-19 has left behind a lot of holes. The countries of Europe are making significant progress toward vaccinating their people and lowering restrictions... Read more One by One Dear Friends, Like much of Europe, Poland has been in some form of lockdown for over 12 months now. Much of that time, the restrictions prevented normal youth group... Read more