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Christmas Instructions Dear Friends,I don’t think they read the instructions. Every year I am curious to see the Christmas decoration theme in our local shopping mall in the Czech Republic. Living in the most atheistic country on earth is an interesting adventure – especially around a holiday that marks the birth of our Savior... Read more



25 Years! Dear Friends, Did you get a slice of the birthday cake? This month Josiah Venture passes a significant milestone - 25 years of ministry in Central and Eastern Europe! Happy... Read more Resting in Inadequacies: Truly Finding Strength in Weakness This year I have had the amazing privilege of working with Josiah Venture for six months, as an extended summer intern (ESI) in Germany. My time here has been divided into... Read more Fall Conference with A Serbian Leader A few weeks ago, Josiah Venture had our annual fall conference, where around 400 youth leaders from across Central and Eastern Europe came to Czech for a week of training... Read more A Long Obedience Dear Friends, A long obedience in the same direction. These simple instructions are the challenging recipe for disciple making. In our age of immediate results... Read more Rocky Terrain and Deep Roots - Croatia Country Spotlight The Mediterranean landscape of the Dalmatia region in Croatia is postcard-worthy. Each summer, tourists flock to the beaches and enjoy hiking and cliff jumping, rock climbing... Read more Good News? Dear Friends, Good news? Sometimes it doesn’t sound like good news. On a recent trip to Prague I stopped in to see a dear friend of mine. He trusted Christ... Read more Missional Technology The world we live in is not the one our parents grew up in. Maybe this is a truth relevant in every generation, but in recent years, technology has advanced so fast there’s... Read more The Word in Flesh Dear Friends, What happens when the Word becomes flesh and lives among us? Ethan served as JV summer staff in Estonia this year for the second summer in a row. Last year... Read more Food That Satisfies As I took that next bite, I looked at the people in the room. This tiny room, that could fit more people than I thought, was filled with chatter and liveliness. People eating... Read more