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God Creating Beauty in His Time When my parents visited me in Slovenia, my Dad was surprised by how architecturally impressive and historic the capital city of Ljubljana is, and that it ranks as a tourist destination among other notable European cities. Slovenia is a beautiful country, and Slovenes are beautiful people. Economically and... Read more



Fusiondary Dear Friends, What did you care about when you were a teenager? I’m sure that you were interested in relationships. You were probably trying to figure out who you were... Read more The Home of the Movement – JV’s Israel Trips “Welcome back home!” the tour guide started as she stood on the bus in front of the 38 excited passengers. This was the kickoff of Josiah Venture’s latest New Testament... Read more An Old Challenge for a New Generation Dear friends, How can we stay relevant when the youth we serve are in constant change? Youth culture is continually evolving. Today’s young people have different music... Read more More Than a Name What is the name again? Josiah's adventure? Josiah Venture? Who is Josiah? What is a venture? Have you ever tried to explain the name of Josiah Venture to your friends, churches... Read more The Wise Carpenter Dear Friends,I wonder who taught Jesus how to be a carpenter. Think about it for a moment. Although he was the all-powerful, all-knowing God, Jesus became fully man... Read more One Year of War For 365 days, Ukraine has been on the center stage of history. This has been a year of unprecedented hardship for our Josiah Venture Ukraine team serving God in the midst... Read more In His Steps Dear Friends,It takes perseverance to reach the lost. Before Covid, there were over 50 young people attending the Fusion choir at the Matthews church in Riga, Latvia. Then... Read more How Should Prayer Look? Here it is, the year two thousand twenty-three, and things have changed radically in my lifetime. I will turn sixty this year, which means I have seen the hand of the Lord... Read more Puzzle Pieces Dear Friends,You begin to understand the pieces of the puzzle when God puts them together. Three years ago, Oleksii and Yuliia moved from Ukraine to Slovenia to start a business... Read more