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Singing the Gospel Dear Friends, Music can open surprising doors for the gospel. Terry English is one of JV’s gifted ministry entrepreneurs. Ten years ago he developed our Fusion ministry with a goal to see churches use rock/gospel choirs as a means to reach young people. Now, there are 38 Fusion choirs in local churches... Read more



100 Degrees Celsius Dear Friends, When water reaches one hundred degrees Celsius, everything starts to change. Bubbles of vapor form, steam starts to rise, and a placid surface explodes... Read more Front Lines Dear Friends, Battles are won and lost by the ability to make progress on the front lines. The gospel first came to Albania during the time of the apostle Paul, and... Read more God's Great Tapestry of Hope in Albania You know those gigantic tapestries that look like a bunch of messy threads up close but when you step back, there is actually a very beautiful and deliberate pattern that... Read more Equipping Young Leaders Dear Friends, “I don’t think we will find a solution.” My wife Connie looked back at me with a bit of surprise, since she rarely hears these words from her husband... Read more Indigenous Empowerment Dear Friends, What does indigenous empowerment mean? If you say it out loud it is quite a mouthful, but to JV these two words are familiar and foundational to everything... Read more Unexpected Endings Dear Friends, Sometimes conversations have unexpected endings. Although Poland is very religious, and most Poles consider themselves Catholic, the evangelical church... Read more Harvest Time Dear Friends, I have some dear farmer friends who grow grass seed and other crops near Salem, Oregon. Visiting them is always a treat, but I’ve learned not to stop... Read more Hidden Witnesses ... Read more Fusiondary Dear friends, Music is the international language of young people. They study with it, walk with it, follow it, and often try to find their identity through performers... Read more