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Messenger of Hope Fall Conference has always been one of the kick-off points for the new school year in Josiah Venture (JV). It’s the primary equipping conference that brings around 400 of our JV staff and partners together to train and focus our attention on a topic that continues the movement of God among the youth of Central... Read more



Good News Dear friends, Good news is a precious commodity in the midst of a crisis. When Ukraine’s war with Russia first began, back in 2014, Anna and her twin sister Sofia fled... Read more Mission Teams For many years, Josiah Venture has been partnering short-term mission teams with local churches in Central and Eastern Europe to do English, Fusion, and Edge camps. Their... Read more Five Generations Dear Friends, When Klemen trusted Christ through JV missionaries in Slovenia at 16 years of age, he never imagined that he would one day be in their shoes. ... Read more All Good? Are things truly “All Good?” Hardly. If we look around, we see how the things surrounding us are barely “all good.” It’s been over two years since... Read more Help Ukraine – Phase Two Dear Friends, Four months have passed since the beginning of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, and many news reporters are already shifting their attention to other... Read more Missional Formation Humans are biologically wired to seek and make sense of the world. Our brains work by gathering and processing information. As a young Christian, this became evident as I... Read more Persevering Faith Dear Friends, There are plenty of reasons to say “no.” Runaway inflation is taking the world by storm, after an unprecedented global pandemic, while we watch a... Read more Stepping Out in Faith Do you remember a time in your life when God led you down an unexpected path? Maybe you already had in mind exactly the way you thought he’d take you, and then, all of a... Read more Music that Heals Dear Friends, How do you process the trauma of war? When young people have to flee from devastated towns and cities, relocate to new countries, and deal with the loss... Read more