The Josiah Venture team has grown from three couples in 1993 to over 300 staff members today. Our staff, over half of which are nationals, are located in 13 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, along with support teams in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Thousands of young leaders are trained each year by our staff, and through those young leaders hundreds of new believers are entering the local church as a result of evangelistic and discipleship efforts.


In order to give maximum ownership to emerging national organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, Josiah Venture is structured as a partnership. Ownership is not top-down from North America, but shared by each of the countries as a joint effort. The Josiah Venture Council, formed of two key leaders from each country, gives strategic direction to the work and is accountable to the JV Not-for-Profit (NFP) Board of Directors. The partner organizations from each of our countries are joined by a common vision and a mutual covenant.


Each of the Josiah Venture teams uses a wide variety of programs to advance a movement of God in their region.

Discipleship – The JV team has created two discipleship programs, Elements & Turbo 316, designed for small group use, which teach new believers how to be rooted and built up in their faith as they follow Christ.

Evangelism – This is a strategic need in Central and Eastern Europe since evangelical believers number less than one half of one percent in most of the countries of the region. Within JV, we have created outreach English camps and Exit 316 to serve as evangelistic tools to reach the next generation.

Member Care – Within Josiah Venture, we have created a care-team known as the Bteam. It exists to provide care, support, and resources for the entire JV team.

Resources – Practical resources in the form of Bible studies and web development tools for ministry are developed to support young leaders as they serve in their local contexts.

Training Programs – Truth is more often caught rather than taught. Since our goal is to equip leaders to make disciples, training occurs life-on-life, in the context of experience and long-term relationships. Jesus modeled this in a holistic way. Because Jesus equipped his core team, JV makes discipleship a focal point in the context of model ministries and intensive internships.

Training Centers

In order to provide a home for the movement, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia have developed innovative training centers that serve as the base for evangelism and youth leader training across their countries.