Daniel Blažek

Dan comes from Písek in South Bohemia, Czech Republic where he grew up in his unbelieving family. Since his childhood, however, he attended various basketball camps where he was able to hear about God for the first time. Consequently, he began meeting more people from a local youth group and was exposed to a Christian environment. Then, a few years later, he got involved with Josiah Venture’s Fusion ministry in Písek through which (and various other life milestones) he came to faith and accepted Jesus into his life in 2018.

He has now successfully completed his theology studies at Formission College. He is excited to use all that he has learned about ministry for the Fusion ministry in Czech and his local Fusion in Písek, where he now serves as the main leader.

Dan has several years of experience with youth work in Fusion, youth group, kids’s ports group, and kids’ group. He believes that, for teenagers, this age is one of the most important formative periods that can influence how their lives will go on. That is why he wants to be involved in a ministry that can provide a safe environment and a different perspective on the world; a world that has too much to offer, where it is hard to not get lost and to choose what is good and right. Now he has the chance to be there for the Czech teenagers and, with God's help, provide an environment and a perspective that he himself was able to experience for the first time when he was not a believer.

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