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Try Our “Seek Cards” App

Meeting with a young person to read the Bible for the first time is an exciting journey. Usually, these meetings would be in-person in a comfortable setting. With social distancing in place, you’ll need to shift to meeting online, which can initially be awkward. To help navigate this time, we’ve created the SEEK app. This tool exposes young people to Scripture through topical guides and simple questions to get them thinking.

Every major spiritual movement in history has been fueled by passionate and persistent prayer. Our team knows this and has experienced firsthand that prayer is essential to seeing God move mountains, change lives, and transform society. However, it is not always easy to know how to pray for JV missionaries when you can’t be with us, know the people we love, or be aware of pressing needs.

Prayer Room Screens

The five icons on the bottom of the app correspond to five challenges of Christ, each of which covers a wide range of topics relevant to young people. For each there is a main passage of scripture to read together, along with three additional passages that relate to the topic. These verses are intentionally not linked so that the reader has to look them up on their own. After reading through the scripture passages, there are three sections of questions to help unpack the topic a little more and get students to think about what they have read.

The SEEK app is currently available in iOS and Android in nine different languages.



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