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Pray for EDGE Games

 “They come for the football and stay for the community.” This quote was from Christian Cazacu—one of the coaches at Romania’s EDGE Sports international soccer (football) tournament in Cluj-Napoca, Romania last Spring. Christian Cazacu went on to say that he thinks that EDGE Sports is effective, because “it brings community and gives the players a purpose to stay together. They need this. They have broken families. The players need love, and they feel love from the coaches and their team.” In addition, each team serves as a small group with the coach as their leader, because they do devotionals each week, introducing new Biblical themes. In story after story, players have left their lives of addiction and rebellion to follow Christ.


These stories are not just limited to soccer or Romania. We have heard stories of young men and women’s lives changed in all 10 countries where Josiah Venture has EDGE Sports teams, leagues, and groups. There are currently 1000 young people involved in this ministry.

We are hoping that Josiah Venture’s EDGE Games, an international tournament taking place on April 24-28 in the Czech Republic, will draw many to the Lord. We are anticipating 350 people from 9 of the countries participating in EDGE Sports to bring their teams for some excellent competition in soccer and floorball, workshops, and evening programs. Not only will there be great competition, but the young players will also have the opportunity to hear the gospel clearly presented.


Why are we looking forward to this event?

EDGE Sports reaches young people who traditional church programs tend not to reach.

Maybe it’s a young man who cannot ever sit still, but he finds his place comfortably on a soccer field. Maybe it’s a young woman who relates a whole lot better with others when working towards some goals while playing floorball. Maybe it’s a young person who does not conform to many social norms because of a terribly broken home, but he or she finds family, purpose, and meaning on their Ultimate frisbee team. These young people are who this tournament is for.

We are also hoping that when some of these players get to see that they are part of a quality sports group this large, they will go back home after the tournament and encourage other young people to be a part of EDGE. We would like this tournament to gain more momentum for EDGE, therefore exposing more young people to the Lord, a sense of belonging, encouragement, and family.


 Would you please join us in praying the following prayers over EDGE Games?

Lord, please bless the EDGE Games 2024 logistics: first aid, lodging, meals, registration, volunteers, safe transportation for the teams, support raising to make sure that as many players as possible can come, etc.

Please personally touch the lives of all of the players who attend EDGE Games. Please give them a personal experience with you that will lead to salvation. And we would love to have quality follow-up between the coaches and the players at the event, on the travel home, and upon their return to their respective countries.

Please, God, we are asking you that this event would create some really great momentum for EDGE Sports. We are praying that the players would tell their friends about EDGE Games and EDGE Sports so that more and more young people would meet you through this ministry and have their lives changed by you. 




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