Noah & Jill Ellenwood


Noah grew up as a Josiah Venture (JV) missionary kid in the Czech Republic, and Jill grew up in Peoria, Illinois. They met at her home church while in college. They dated for a few months and realized that they had differing visions of their futures, so they broke up to let God begin working in each of their lives individually. After doing summer English Camp internships in Czech in 2016, God sparked a shared desire in each of them to dedicate their lives to ministering to the students of Central and Eastern Europe. They soon began to know, with certainty, that God had made them for this ministry together. They were married a year and a half later and began praying for and pursuing opportunities to visit Montenegro, a small country in the Balkans—where less than 300 people have a personal relationship with Jesus. They moved to Podgorica, the capital city, and began working with the local church in January of 2020. Noah and Jill have grown a deep love for this country and its people. Their vision is to see God draw them back to himself through the local church. Noah and Jill’s prayer for this ministry is that God would use them to spur on a revival in the hearts of young leaders to lead their families, peers, and nation to Jesus forevermore.

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