Märt & Greta Saar

Wilma, Noomi, Vira, Mirtel

Born and raised in Estonia, Märt loves his country and hopes that this nation would know and follow Christ. After completing his university studies in journalism, God captured Märt’s heart at a Josiah Venture conference in 2007, and he begin to do full-time ministry with Josiah Venture shortly after that. Greta, Märt’s wife, studied medicine in Tartu. Greta was born in Finland, but is from a Swedish speaking community, and is right now working part-time working in Koma team care and administrative role. After leading 8 years of KOMA team (Josiah Venture’s partner organization in Estonia) Märt has transitioned into the role of being a communicator and catalyzer for other leaders. His main focus is to equip young leaders across a country of 1.3 million people and be part of building local churches. Märt and Greta have four daughters, Wilma Loviisa, Noomi Amanda, Vira Margareta and Mirtel Adele.

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