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Plan A: Discipleship Deepend

Our Josiah Venture Poland team has committed to a special ministry focus this school year called “Plan A: Deepened Discipleship”. After our team completed a 6-month youth ministry research project about the impact of the pandemic on youth ministry, we clearly saw youth leaders and young people crying out for someone to personally lead, shepherd and invest in them. This desire for personal discipleship, combined with the needs of our team and the current challenges and ministry limitations caused by the pandemic, led us to believe God is calling us to invest even more in our disciplemaking. Each of our missionaries has specifically invited 1-2 young leaders to a year-long discipleship program in which the leader will be deeply and intentionally discipled by our missionary, and do the same with 2-3 young people as well. Using the imagery of the New Testament relationship between Paul and Timothy, we want to see the baton of faith passed on through multiplication discipleship. Each “Paul & Timothy” will focus on 4 key aspects of discipleship which we see in the Great Commission: relationship, identity, fruitfulness, and power. Five weekend discipleship training events will equip, inspire and fuel the discipleship focus throughout the year. We will also be creating special 'exposure' trips to help expand our understanding of our ministry. Our prayer is that God will use “Plan A” to expand our experience and skill in disciplemaking and will lead to lasting fruit in each of our discipleship relationships between the 22 Pauls, 27 Timothies and hundreds of youth who will be discipled throughout this year. The cost per Timothy is $1714 USD, or $45/week. We have 1026 weeks of Plan A to fund! God has already funded 200 of those weeks. Would you consider funding one or more of the remaining 826 weeks of Plan A?

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