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El Dorado: Empowering Young Leaders

El Dorado creates space for teenagers to discover their gifts as they serve among their peers. The program brings together young people from many different cities and various denominations. Its mission is to reach the young generation with the Gospel, equip growing leaders to take first steps in ministry, and to support them as they serve their local churches.

Polish churches need this next generation of leaders. At the same time, many teenagers often don’t serve in their churches. El Dorado exists to help them discover and live out their calling. Through El Dorado, they gain experiences and skills which they put to use in their own churches—by leading youth groups, worship teams, organizing conferences, or leading overseas missions.

This year our team consists of 19 key young volunteers that share our dream for the young generation. They have a lot of creative ideas of how to serve their peers and develop our program (for example through some online activities or visiting youth groups). We need $80 per month for each of them to cover the costs of our team’s ideas and to create ministry opportunities for them.

Also from September 2022 to August 2023 our team is planning to organize 3 weekend events in three regions of Poland, as well as 2 training events for our volunteers and the annual camp called Growth Academy, which is an intensive time of development for young people. We’re expecting 330 participants in total. We need $70 per each of them in order to organize the events and cover up to 50% of their participation cost.

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